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remember this from your childhood?

ok so lately things have been a little difficult but im making due the best i can. i now live in vegas and im currently working on putting a new band together. seattle didnt work out very well and now im looking for a change. i had to drop out of the community college i was attending and im thinking about possibly going back to school soon, once i find a GED program that works for me. anyone have any suggestions???

I am a singer/songwriter currently searching for serious musicians to form a band with. must be at least 17 yrs old with a desire to have fun and create music. email me or comment here on the blog if you are interested.

I will be in California on December 20th. San Diego until the 24th and then cloverdale for a couple days. Hit me up if you wanna hang out.

numb journal #2 10.8.10

so my plane landed at around 9:05pm last night at seatac. my flights went well and both were smooth. the second flight seemed a lot quicker than the first. im not sure what all imma be doing today but i guess only time will tell.

currently my location is on a plane being taxi’d down the runway in Portland,Oregon. I am on my way to Seattle,Washington to see my sister and her fiance. I don’t know how long I will be staying but I know it could be for either a short time or a while. So I guess Im just going to see how all this goes

you tell me to leave

but now i cant see

what is there in life

something that has become

but never inside of me

false are the lies

that have become

this darkened heart inside

a story left in peices

of a life that used to be

alone within and never followed

this fire burns inside of me

update 10-5-10

so lately I have been getting more and more into music. I have mostly been searching for songs and bands I’ve never heard before that have a meaning to me and that I can relate to. Here is the video to one of the songs I can relate to right now.